I am Adrian Tamasan, assistive technology trainer at Accessible Computer and founder of this business.
My goal with this websites is:

  • To help apps/software/web developers to build screen reader friendly products, in order to make the digital content accessible for screen reader users.
  • To help blind people to reach the next level skils in terms of using assistive technology
  • To help customer service staff to learn more about efective support and guidance for screen reader users.

I have worked since 2007 in e-commerce, web developing and assistive technology training area.
From 2013 I have provided under my business name training courses for visually impaired people at work, or for individuals, but for public sector too.
I have delivered consultancy for customers like:
* Bournemouth Council
* Poole Library
* Social Care Service Borough of Poole
in terms of screen reader accessibility .

I have provided training courses for Borough of Hove and Brighton , weymouth Land Registry and for many other privat companies or individuals.

Also, in 2015 I was hired to train for a week time a reprezentative of Institute of Technology from Sultanate of Oman in web developing designed for screen reader users.

Wish to learn more about how we can help together blind people in technology field? Don’t hesitate to contact me!


I am delivering assistive technology training courses for blind people, in topics like:

  • Jaws for Windows screen reader
  • Dolphin SuperNova
  • NVDA screen reader
  • VoiceOver screen reader in Mac computers
  • VoiceOver in iPhone/iPad
  • TalkBack in Android smart phones or tablets
  • Start Blogging or a business using WordPress – course designed for screen reader users
  • Start Podcasting as blind
  • Social Media explained for screen reader users

Click or enter on the courses names above to open the course details and booking page.

Welcome back!

Adrian here, with news about some changes in my business…
I have decided to reframe my business and to go to a new direction, so instead of a flyer style page you’ll find out more, from now, a blog with a growing amount of articles and help for screen reader users.
I am committed to help blind people as me to enjoy the same level of confidence like me, in terms of what they do when are online.
I am really excited every single day about the help what technology can bring over for visually impaired. I am decided to listen your voice, so please comment, ask and help other visitors, and let’s do together this place a great virtual space for every blind person.
During my business days I have helped people in one by one way, which is good, but my expertise was not widely spread over. So, I think a blog it is a great way to make public my help for blind people.
One more thing… I still learning, and I will keep on with this for a long time from now, but once I have figured out how to do something I will show you too, for sure.

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How to set up an e-mail account in Windows Live Mail – podcast episode 2

In episode 2 of our podcast Adrian will explain how to set up an e-mail account in Windows Live Mail.
first thing first, you have to have the program already installed on your Windows machine. If not yet, just Google it and download it from Microsoft website.
Actually Windows Live Mail come as a programs suite containing multiple applications in one. Few of them are:
Windows Live Writer, which is the blogging software, Family safety, Windows Movie Maker and Windows Messenger. But, excepting you wish to try others you need only Live Mail, therefore you’ll select the option “I wish to install only…” option from the first prompt window, and uncheck all other programs excepting Mail.
Click next and wait few moments to finalize the installation.
When the program is installed a close button will pop up. Press close and open Windows Live Mail going in search box pressing start key. Type Mail and when your screen reader will read out Windows Live mail press enter.
At the first opening the e-mail client Windows Live Mail will ask you to configure an e-mail account with your new program.
In that window where is the form for configuring the e-mail account type the relevant information, as e-mail address, your name and password.
Go from a field to the next one pressing tab key.
Check the box manual configuration and go to next button.
In the next window you have to insert the mail server information, and for this step you need your server details provided by your e-mail provider.
In case of yahoo mail or Gmail you can find them out very easy below, but in case of e-mail provided by Virgin Media, BT or other providers, you have to check out online before starting this configuration process.
But before to fill in the information we have to decide what kind of management of our e-mail will be better for us.
You can set Windows Live Mail to go to server to take up your messages and bring them up to your client in one of two ways: using POP or IMAP.
Which is the difference?
Pop take the e-mails copy and save them on your local machine, but IMAP works straight to the e-mail server. That mean if you’ll set up your e-mail account using IMAP when you remove a message from your computer or smartphone that message will be deleted from server too,
Using POP you can go time to time to check your e-mail, a copy of new messages will be loaded into your computer, and you can read them off line, and when you’ll delete a message from your machine will not be deleted from the server necessarily. With IMAP you have to be connected to internet other way you cannot read e-mails.
In case of using multiple devices for accessing e-mail is better to set up your e-mail using imap, because when you’ll make changes on one of the devices that change will be reflected on all devices which are set to read that e-mail account.
In the end is not better one or other way, but you have to make your decision about this.
Usually the almost e-mail accounts are default set on imap, and in case you would like to use pop is possible to have some changes to do before setting up your e-mail with pop.
For example, in Gmail and Yahoo mail you have to go at the web interface and going in settings to tick the relevant box in order to activate pop access.

Good! You know already your e-mail server details; you wish to access your e-mail via imap. For this we will fill in the following details. In my podcast show the example is a yahoo mail account, so I’ll provide first the settings for Yahoo Mail.

From the first list box choose imap

type into incoming server name map.mail.yahoo.com
Check The server require SSL connection to be ticked on,
Once the SSL connection is ticked the port number will be changed automatically from 143 in 993.
Leave the next list box with connection in clear text as it is
under the outgoing server details type smtp.mail.yahoo.com and tick SSL under.
Change the port number from 25 in 465 and check the box below named “Server require authentication” to be ticked.
Go to next button and press spacebar. In case you’ve filled in all the information correct you’ll see finish button coming up at the next window. Once pressed finish button, if you have some errors coming up that mean you’ve missed some information or you typed something wrong. Careful with the punctuation and no space before or in the end of server details.

I have promised to provide the server settings for Gmail accounts, so find out below the info for map and POP.

incoming server: imap.gmail.com port 993 require SSL connection
outgoing server: smtp.gmail.com port number 465 require SSL connection
The server require authentication must be ticked

incoming server: pop.gmail.com port number: 995 require SSL connection
outgoing server: smtp.gmail.com port 465 require SSL connection
The server require authentication must be ticked on.

For any question just post a comment and we will do the best to help you.

First Episode of Accessible Computer’s Podcast

Hello World!
We have already our first episode of Accessible Computer podcast.
In this first show we just mention our intentions in regards of podcasting, and Adrian Tamasan, our technology trainer is introducing himself.
We have a nice intro/outro curtesy of Ben Sound jingle tracks for audio shows. Check his productions at BenSound.com.
Hope to have your comments and to do a great job with our podcast channel.

Accessible Computer Podcast Channel coming soon

We are happy to announce our intention to set up soon a podcast channel.
Using this media channel we hope to help more and more blind people to perform various task on computers or smart phones, demonstrating during the podcast’s episodes, how to do a specific task.
Subscribe to our blog or search in your favorite podcast app the words “Accessible Computer” and enjoy our hints and tips provided by Adrian Tamasan, our assistive technology trainer.