Accessible Facebook Training

Accessible Facebook Training Course overview

Facebook is the most popular social network today, so millions of people use it to share photos, links and messages, or create profiles pages with a lot of details as studies places, music and films preferences and many many more.
They can share what they likes and make recommendations. They can browse offersand deals posted by business entities, register for events and much much more.
You’ll learn more about Facebook on Windows PC with regular browsers but about mobile interface for devices as tablets and smart phones.
Accessibility is a problem for many visual impaired people when they use Facebook, because a lot of options and information and advertise messages are displayed on it, so we will try to find out more about different ways to get Facebook facilities more accessible, trying to understand how Facebook is organized and displayed on screen.

Accessible Facebook Training Course content

During this course you’ll learn to use a personal Facebook account, including:

  • create account and fill in the profile
  • search and add friends from Facebook and import from other networks
  • Create and post photos and albums
  • use chat and groups
  • Events and invitations
  • setup notifications and email communication preferences
  • Connect Facebook to other networks and devices
  • Security and privacy in Facebook
  • Mobile Facebook and accessible applications for Facebook

Accessible Facebook Training Course Achievements

In the end of this course the student will be able to use a personal Facebook account for regular tasks as search and add friends, fill in the profile, share and llike content, understand security and privacy policy of Facebook and linking Facebook account to mobile number or other social networks.

Accessible Facebook Training Course Location

You can have this course at home, online via Skype or by phone, or at our location in Poole or Bournemouth.

Accessible Facebook Training course Price List

  • £90 at our locations – half day of training
  • £85 for half day of course via Skype or phone
  • £90 at your location + travel costs.

Accessible Facebook Training Course Booking details

You can make a booking for this course in few ways:

Prices for groups up to 5 persons can be negociate.