Accessible Blogging with WordPress training course

Accessible Blogging with WordPress Training Course overview

WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging today, but not just for that, because it is a powerful CMS as well, so millions of users selected WordPress for various websites for personal or business purposes.
This course is designed for screen reader users, but could be followed by sighted students as well.
You’ll lern to setup a website based on WordPress, from start to the productivity stage.
You’ll learn during a full day of course to install this CMS at the server, setup and manage a website and how to insert content.
Learn more about themes and plugins, and how to link your website to social networks.
A minimum requirement is asked before to start the course.
Every student must to be able to:

  • Use a text editor as Notepad or similar
  • to be able to use a browser as Internet Explorer or Firefox for internet surfing and download files.

Some software are required as well, but all of them are free of charge.
You need a FTP client as Filezilla, a photo editor as IrFan View and a browser as Internet Explorer which is preinstalled on Windows PC but you can use any other browser as well.
An application for unzip files is required , 7zip or WinRar is recommended.
You can download all 3 application (IrFan View, Filezilla and 7zip)in one executable files offered by Ninite from here.

Accessible Blogging with WordPress Training Course content

During this course you’ll learn more about topics as:

  • Get WordPress package, unzip and prepare for installation
  • Upload wordpress files on server and start up the installer.
  • First setupafter installation; accessibility and disable visual editor, keyboard short keys activation
  • Admin Panel and available settings
  • Types of content; static pages, articles, categories, tags.
  • Customise Aspect, Themes and widgets
  • Files and media management
  • plugins and WordPress improvements
  • Sitemaps and Google indexing
  • Security and updates

Accessible Blogging with WordPress Training Course Achievements

Following this course the student will be able to create a self hosted website based on WordPress for blogging or other purposes.
The student will be able to manage and maintain a WordPress using accessibility features built-in, and make some extra accessibility adjustments.

Accessible Blogging with WordPress Training Course Location

This course can be delivered online only, via Zoom meeting platform.
A link with an invitation for course will be sent prior the course time.
Using that link the student will be able to connect in browser, or download the Zoom app, or listen the course over the phone.

Accessible Blogging with WordPress Training Course Price List

The course is delivered via Zoom or Skype for one to one students, and can be organized in 4 sessions two hours long each.
The price for one to one course is £180.
Prices for groups up to five people could be negotiated. call us for details.

Accessible Blogging with WordPress Training Course Booking details

You can make a booking for this course in few ways:

  • By phone at 07788241125
  • By Skype ; call or chat to Skype ID
  • Online, useing this Online Booking Form

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