Add an e-mail account in Outlook 2016 – audio demonstration with Jaws screen reader

In this episode I am demonstrate how to add an e-mail account in Outlook 2016.
For this purpose I have used my laptop with Windows 10 Creator, a Home Office 365 subscription which allows me to use Outlook 2016 and other Office products with other 5 users of my family. As a screen reader I have used Jaws 16 and the account was a Yahoo one.
Because Outlook provides two ways to set up an e-mail account, one automatic, in one way, and the other one a manual set up where you have to know and add the correct mail server information as:

  • incoming e-mail server
  • outgoing mail server
  • port numbers
  • type of e-mail encryption connection
  • mail server require or not authentication.

So, I describe below what you need to do as a screen reader user in order to set up correctly your account.



  • Open Outlook 2016 and go in inbox. You can do this opening the Windows search box with the Windows key, and typing Outlook.
    When you press enter Outlook is opened and the focus jump straight in your inbox folder, where we need to be in order to make the next step.
  • Press alt key to open the menu and press few times arrow right key till you’ll hear edit box and type there “Add account” without the quote characters.
    Also, you can use alt Q in order to reach the same feature introduced in Outlook 2016, and called Tell me.
    This edit box allows you to type the name of any option or feature of Outlook in case you are not sure where that option is placed into the menu. For example, type signature if you don’t know where to go to set up an e-mail signature, or type font size if you wish to change the font size, and so on.
  • When you have pressed enter on that tell me field the wizard of adding a new e-mail account will come up. Here you can choose one of two options.
    a. email account
    b. manual server configuration.
    For the first option you can use e-mail accounts as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.
    For the second one the self hosted e-mail accounts as or any other e-mail account as long you know the details mentioned above.
    In my audio demonstration the first option has failed with the yahoo e-mail account, therefore I have used the second one trying the manual configuration.
  • In the manual settings you have to choose between pop or map, and I have decided to use imap. Why? Because imap is connected in real time with the mail server and any change made in Outlook is reflected in may mail server, and other devices too.The other hand, POP is more beneficial for people who are not always connected to internet, because they can read the e-mails off line and the mail server is syncronized with Outlook when they are online next time.
    I have mentioned in the wizard my name, my e-mail address in full, my password, and incoming and outgoing mail servers which for Yahoo are map, and and I have pressed tab till I reached more settings button.
  • More setting button open a new window with 3 different tabs: general, outgoing server and advanced settings.
    Under the outgoing mail server I have ticked the check box for the option my outgoing mail server requires authentication. In the advanced setting I have to change the encryption connection for incoming and outgoing mail servers to SSL/TLS and the port numbers in 993 and 465. I have navigated to OK button with tab and pressed enter.
  • The wizard is back into the main window and next button is activated. When next button is pressed a testing time come up. In several moments Outlook will report if the set up process was successful saying the connection to the incoming server was established and sending a test e-mail as well. We press close button.
  • A check box will be available once the close button was pressed, which will direct you to a page where you can type in your mobile number in order to receive an SMS with a link for Outlook app for your Android or iOS smart phone. A button called add an other account is available as well in case you wish to start the process for an other account, but if not, just press finish button in order to close the wizard.
  • One of the issues what I have encountered during adding an account is with the wrong passwords. If a wrong password is introduced during the set up and the wizard try to connect to the mail server, Outlook is freezing completely and some time the Jaws either, So, I have strongly recommend to double check your e-mail credentials first, going on the web interface in order to be sure the password works properly.
    Learn more about this process listening the podcast below.
    If you have encountered other issues, or if you have other tips for this task let us know about them at the comments form below.

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