Barclays Mobile App for iOS with Voiceover, audio demonstration

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In this episode, Adrian demonstrate Barclays Mobile App for iPhone, with Voiceover.
It is a short overview of available options in this app, followed by a practical example of moving money between two Barclays Bank accounts.
In the end is an overview over the new payment section.
The application is 99% accessible, and the reason for this score is a problem with the pdf documents stored in Barclays CloudIT.
Barclays offers a cloud space for documents where they can drop your statements or letters, but for uploading important personal documents too.
The documents titles are nicely displayed and everything is fine, excepting the content of pdf files which cannot be read with Voice over, or saved into other app or local in order to read them with Voiceover.
The only option which is manageable in this moment is to download the pdf files from BarclaysCloudIT on the web and opening them locally after.
Do you have a bettter experience with this app?
It is something what I have mist and is important?
Do you have any question?
Are you using an other accessible app for banking?
For this last question I can say about NatWest app which I am looking to review it soon.

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3 thoughts on “Barclays Mobile App for iOS with Voiceover, audio demonstration

  1. Thanks Adrian for demo – as the Head of Barclays IT Accessibility and someone dependent on Voiceover this is great to see. We’re aware of and working on the CloudIt accessibility issue FYI within latest version. You might also like to know that the Barclays mobile banking Android app has been enhanced to work well with Talkback and other access features too. Keep up the great work and keep feedback and suggestions coming!

  2. A good overview. I think you should definitely do one on the Natwest app as well as it’s also very good. Just a couple of points – Firstly you talk of the need to double tap each character of the pin code but this is only when you have the standard typing selected within Voiceover. If you have the touch typing option selected the character is produced when you lift your finger off the screen. Can I also suggest that you do podcasts with the speech set to a slower rate. You may be used to the speed yourself, but some people who are unfamiliar with synthetic speech or who have other difficulties may struggle to understand it. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion Adrian, but I wish to mention about this thing which really escaped . It is an inconsistency with that keyboard during the login. Even you have touch typing set up you stil have to double tap on each key in order to insert it. Or, probably, the developer left this with good intention, in order to not type accidentallly wrong numbers when move or release a finger.

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