Insert a HTML Paypal buy button into a WordPress webpage

Today, I am going to demonstrate how to insert a HTML Paypal button into your WordPress webpage.
Probably this lesson is more valuable for web developers, self employed or blind people involved in business, especially the online type.
In case of having a website, but don’t know how to set up a Paypal button, just follow this article and listen the audio demonstration.
The process is very simple and require few steps.

  1. Create the button using the Paypal wizard
  2. Copy the code generated by Paypal
  3. Paste it into your sale webpage.

In my audio demonstration I have worked with Notepad in order to save the code and to blend it with an other txt file which was previously prepared for this job.
Selecting the file with both parts in one; my content, and the Paypal buy button, inserted at the end, I have had only to do a paste into the edit field in my new page created in WordPress.
Of course, this code works in any kind of CMS, in regular HTML or PHP pages, but in my case I have used WordPress.

All the demonstration was done using a screen reader, Jaws for Windows having as a PC configuration Windows 10 and as a browser Mozilla Firefox, latest version. Jaws is version 16.

Applying the relevant short keys required by your screen reader or browser you can achieve the same results as long the wizard is used properly, and the code is copied without any alteration

I have had a little inconvenient at the stage when I had to copy the code, because the select code button available next to the code area does not work with Jaws, apparently.
Was no sighted person around me to confirm for me if the text was highlighted in blue colour, as for a selection. But doing a manual copy, being sure I have copied entire code snippet, things was done quickly.
As I am trying to explain during the audio demonstration, Paypal offers various way to display a button, and few options are available to select from, according with your needs:

  • Buy now
  • Shopping cart
  • Subscription
  • Donation
  • And installment payment plan

Hope I have not missed one of them.
In my case I have selected buy now button which can be displayed in few ways as well.
Simple button, one price for one product
Multiple option with various prices useful for customisable products. This option displays the prices for each option
Multiple options displayed like a drop down menu, where the prices are not displayed before selecting an option and landing at a sale page.
I have selected drop down menu with prices displayed for each option.
Once the code is selected, you can paste in your page or to save it in a Notepad for later use. Don’t save it in Microsoft Word or other word processors unless you are sure the formatting will be not alterratted at the saving point.
Once the code is generated by Paypal, will remain saved under your account in order to re-use it later or to copy it for an other button with similar configuration.

Keep in mind, in order to have access to this facility you have to have a business Paypal account.
Other way you’ll not find out the relevant section in your Paypal account.
To see precisely where to go at Paypal in order to find create buy button follow the audio in the podcast episode.

For any question or for comments doesn’t hesitate to contact me. I will answer to any single query.