Jaws for Windows Training Course

Course overview

“Jaws for Windows” is probably the most popular screen reader in the world at the moment.
Learn how to use this software as a blind computer user.
The purpose of this course is to help you to bring the majority of skills and knowledge necessary for a good understanding how Jaws works in computers and how you can use it for daily tasks at work, school or home.
During a full day course [about 8 hours study] you’ll be able to use Jaws for Windows for your computing needs.
The course could be adapted by each person according with user requirements.
The course is suitable not just for novices, but for new Jaws users who wants to improve knoladge about this application software.
The course can be delivered for accessibility officers, support workers. teachers or emploees who works with blind people.

Course content

  • Install Jaws and setup wizard
  • aditional and available voices, setup voice’s profiles
  • Adjustments; voices, punctuation, verbocity
  • Shortcuts and hotkeys
  • Read, write documents and manage files in Windows Explorer
  • Jaws and internet browsing
  • Research it and finding information
  • OCR and access texts from images.
  • Where I get for help
  • Recap

Course Achievements

In the end of this course every student will be able to use Jaws for tasks as internet browse, write and read documents, manage files in a personal computer, adjust Jaws features according with personal preferences and work in different applications, use OCR facilities for inaccessible pages or applications. Practically any user will be able to use Jaws on Windows OS computers for daily tasks in work, school or personal aims.

Course Location

We provide those courses in few places, as following:

  1. At our location in Bournemouth or Poole.
  2. At your location, home or work. We will charge extra for travel costs if your location is out of 20 miles radius Bournemouth or Poole. You’ll receive an email containing travel price quotation prior invoicing.
  3. Online, via Skype. See requirements for this sort of course.
  4. By phone. See requirements for this sort of course.

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Jaws for Windows Training Course (Full day)

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