KNFB Reader for Windows 10 – audio demonstration

KNFB Reader, one of the almost loved app for blind people, which helps to read printed materials is available for not so long ago for Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile.
In the episode today I will demonstrate how to use this software with your webcam, but with your scanner as well, in order to take pictures and converting them in readable text with speech or saving the text in a file.
The files or the settings of the software could be saved in OneDrive or DropBox,
The software is 99 USD dollars now, but was available with a discount of 80% few days ago.
The purchase experience is very difficult for screen reader users because KNFB Reader for Windows is available only in Microsoft Store, place which is terrible for screen reader navigation.

I have succeeded to buy it only jumping between various screen readers and browsers, including Narator and Microsoft Edge.

Hope this particular issue will be sorted out soon, other way blind people will be obliged to ask for sighted help in order to buy this product,
If you already experienced this software and wish to share your opinion, of if you wish to learn more, just leave a comment below.