NatWest App for iOS with VoiceOver – audio demonstration

A while ago I have produced a podcast episode about Barclays App for iPhone, and today it is NatWest turn to talk about.
I am using NatWest App for a couple of years and the accessibility looks better and better.
In this episode I will demonstrate this app using VoiceOver, so with blind people in mind.
First, is an overview of this app, and secondly I have made a payment from my NatWest account into a Barclays account.
The application is easy to use and no other gestures are necessary apart of flicking one finger left to right or vice-versa or one finger double tap to open a option or to activate a button.
I wish to mention two nice features which I love in NatWest:
* mobile top up
* Get Cash option

The first one allow you to top up a pay and go mobile phone and the second one to get cash without a card when you meet a NatWest or Tesco ATM. How it works?
You have to open that option in the app, type an amount and tap on get code button.
You can receive your temporarily code via SMS or simply keep it in mind.
It is available for few hours. Two hours if I remember correctly.
Go to ATM and choose Emergency Cash option. Type your required amount and the code and you’ll receive your money without using a physical debit card.

Please let me know about your experience with this app , or try to say what you love or not about it.
For any help don’t hesitate to ask in comments.