Podcasting for Blind Users Course

Podcasting for Blind Users Course overview

During a full day training, 8 hours long, you can learn how to plan, create and launch a podcast channel, all with accessibility for screen readers needs in mind.
Are plenty of places on internet where such information are available but not too much designed specific for screen reader users.
If you are blind or screen reader dependent, and you ever desired to have your own podcast channel to share your ideas through audio, but never knew how to do it, then this is the podcasting course ideal for you.

Podcasting for Blind Users Course content

What you learn during the course?

  • A good podcast channel starts with a good plan.
  • Learn about podcast formats and how to choose names and artworks for you channel.
  • What kind of podcast hosting to choose>?
  • How to make my podcast channel available for public?
  • How to make my channel visible for podcast directories?
  • What is the right format in terms of audio?
  • What software to use for audio production?
  • Jingles, intro and outro.
  • Prepare and tag properly audio files before publishing.
  • Co-hosting and live podcast.
  • What is the right equipment? What kind of microphone? What kind of mixer or voice recorder?
  • Show notes and links.
  • Embed codes and Website integration.
  • Related services to podcasting

Podcasting for Blind Users Course Achievements

In the end of this course a blind user will be able to plan a podcast channel, create content for it, and publish podcast episodes in its own channel.

Podcasting for Blind Users Course Location

  • Online only, by using Zoom, Skype or various meeting platforms.

Podcasting for Blind Users Course Price List

£245 for a full day training which can be delivered in up to 4 sessions. Flexibility will be available in case of time slots of calendar are free.
Prices listed above are for one to one training. Small groups prices could be negotiated.

Podcasting for Blind Users Course Booking details

You can make a booking for this course in few ways listed below:

  • By phone calling to 07788241125
  • Via Skype calling or chat to Skype ID accessible.computer
  • Online, using this booking form