Start Blogging or a business website with WordPress – course designed for screen reader users

Course overview

Have you ever dreamed to become a blogger? Have you ever dreamed to work from home doing business from the comfort of your location, wherever it is?
WordPress is the platform preferred by 25% of whole world wide web!
Why? Because is simple, robust, customisable and no programming skills are required. As long you know to use a browser and a text editor you are ready to start blogging or to publish your first business site.
A huge number of themes and plugins available for WordPress gives the opportunity to build exactly the website you wish.
The beauty of this platform is the accessibility level and this strength make it perfect for blind users. Excepting advanced design features all sections of a WordPress website are accessible with screen readers.
Like an example, this website is based on WordPress, and entirely build by a blind person, the only bit where a sighted person intervened being the banner of the website.

During a full day training you’ll learn how to build a self-hosted blog or website, up to the stage of publish your first article and page, all the instruction provided being suitable for a screen reader user.
You’ll learn how to navigate around your admin area using your screen reader, and how to perform the almost important tasks as adding a new article, page or multimedia file. You’ll learn how to make your WordPress to display the information as you like and which are the best tools to use from the blind person prospective when is about managing WordPress websites.

Course content

During a full day of training you’ll learn about:

  • Installing WordPress on your server
  • How to set up the main settings in admin area, including accessibility for screen reader users
  • How to add a new article, including text, links and images.
  • How to add, edit and delete a page
  • Add and manage multimedia files in media library
  • How to arrange your widgets in themes
  • How to build your navigation menu
  • How to install and remove themes
  • How to add and manage plugins
  • Back up your content and files
  • Security and good practices for WordPress websites
  • Accessible Tools for managing WordPress.

Course Achievements

In the end of this course the blind student will be able to install and set up a WordPress Blog. Also, will be prepared to manage the content and visual elements of a WordPress based website.

Course Location

You can have this course in few locations:

  • At our locations in Poole or Bournemouth
  • At your location at work or home
  • By distance using Skype or by phone

Booking details

You can make a booking for this course in few ways listed below:

  • By phone calling at 0845 64 34 685 [free of charge from BT]
  • By mobile calling to 07788241125
  • Via Skype calling or chat to Skype ID
  • Online, using this booking form

Ready to buy:

Pay online 235 GBP. Travel costs not included .