Download and convert videos from Youtube with Pontes Media Downloader

Pontes Media Downloader is a program which helps blind people to download and convert video files from YouTube but from other video services as well.
The interface is clean, simple and accessible for screen reader users.
Now the program has versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Today I will show you how to use it in Windows.
Later I hope to come with a demonstration for Mac as well.
Download the program from
And install it normally, like any other program under Windows.
Once installed go to YouTube and copy the link from the share menu along the video what you wish to download.
When the YouTube link is copied go to Pontes Media Downloader icon into your desktop and open it.
The program will check your clipboard for a YouTube link. If such a link is present will be automatically pasted into the right place.
Going around with tab key you can select from a couple of combo boxes the quality of the source file in the first instance, but also the format what you wish to choose for your download. You can keep the original format, or you can convert the file in video or audio formats.
Check the podcast episode for the demonstration with Jaws.
Also, you can learn more about formats available for audio and video.
The program will create a folder in your Documents where you can access the files at any time without opening the program.
When a link is pasted in for download an audio signal will be heard, and, also when the download or conversion is done.
For long videos the process could take a while according with your internet connection and your computer specs.
I will give a thump up for Pontes Association and the team whom was involved in this program development. Good stuff!
If you wish to learn more about navigating around YouTube, or how to use accessible programs for this task don’t hesitate to contact us.
Enjoy your listening now!

How to buy audiobooks on Audible website

Today I would like to demonstrate how to buy an audio book on Audible website using Jaws 2018 screen reader and Internet Explorer on Windows 10 machine.
I do the following tasks during the audio demonstration.

  • Search for a book author using the regular search field and advanced search.
  • navigate through search results and check the book details
  • add to basket and proceed to checkout,
  • buy chosen book using credits
  • navigate to new purchased book in order to start listening

Also, when the new book is into my library I will take my iPhone to open the book in the iOS Audible app.
I would like to mention about this demonstration being done at the regular web interface of Audible, not at the accessible one which is available at the same address followed by forward slash access.
Hope to make soon a demo with this page too, and also in Mac and iPhone.
Just to summarize, I would like to mention one thing wich I thing will help the most of you to navigate around the search results.
Use H to jump from heading to heading but the key number 2 will take you straight to filter criterias, and heading level 3 will take you only to book titles.
Also, if you wish to navigate from button to button you can press B repeatitively after performing search and you’ll be taken on the listen sample button for each result. After each sample button the next two buttons are add to cart or add to wish list, then keeping pressing B you’ll go to the next title sample, and so on.
I think this are the most easiest ways to navigate around .
Enjoy your episode and please leave any questions or comments below.