VoiceOver Screen Reader for Mac computer Training Course

VoiceOver Screen Reader for Mac computer Course overview

Apple is mentioning the following about this screen reader:

VoiceOver does more than tell you what’s happening on your Mac. It helps you make things happen. It gives you auditory descriptions of each onscreen element
and provides helpful hints along the way — whether you prefer using gestures, a keyboard or a braille display. And it supports more than 30 languages,
including multiple voice options.

And this accessibility feature is build in every Mac computer.
A great Voiceover implementation is available for all apps which are coming with Mac OS, making the life of blind computer user much easyer.
So… Why to not start learning Mac?

VoiceOver Screen Reader for Mac computer Course content

During this full day course you’ll learn about:

  • Start and stop VoiceOver in Mac
  • Finder, view modes and interaction
  • VoiceOver Preferences, adjusting voices, downloading multiple voices in various languages.
  • Navigate around the desktop, doc area, notification and menus.
  • Apple keyboard, VO key modifier , TrackPad and gestures
  • Commanders and rotor.
  • Navigating around build-in apps in Mac OS
  • The frequently Used shortkeys
  • Where to get help, online and offline.
  • Other topics requested by new Mac users.

VoiceOver Screen Reader for Mac computer Course Achievements

In the end of this course the student will be able to switch on/off VoiceOver screen reader, to navigate in a Mac computer between the build-in apps, managing files and apps, set up the main preferences in Voiceover.
Mainlly the student will know the allmost important things about VoiceOver and how to use it in a Mac computer, being prepared for work or personal use.

Course Location

You can have this course in few locations:

  • At our locations in Poole or Bournemouth
  • At your location at work or home. Travel costs will be charged.
  • By distance using Skype or by phone

Booking details

You can make a booking for this course in few ways listed below:

  • By phone calling at 0845 64 34 685 [free of charge from BT]
  • By mobile calling to 07788241125
  • Via Skype calling or chat to Skype ID accessible.computer
  • Online, using this booking form

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VoiceOver Screen Reader for Mac computer training course

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