Welcome back!

Adrian here, with news about some changes in my business…
I have decided to reframe my business and to go to a new direction, so instead of a flyer style page you’ll find out more, from now, a blog with a growing amount of articles and help for screen reader users.
I am committed to help blind people as me to enjoy the same level of confidence like me, in terms of what they do when are online.
I am really excited every single day about the help what technology can bring over for visually impaired. I am decided to listen your voice, so please comment, ask and help other visitors, and let’s do together this place a great virtual space for every blind person.
During my business days I have helped people in one by one way, which is good, but my expertise was not widely spread over. So, I think a blog it is a great way to make public my help for blind people.
One more thing… I still learning, and I will keep on with this for a long time from now, but once I have figured out how to do something I will show you too, for sure.

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