How blind users make an ECG test on Apple Watch

I have decided to post today a new demonstration in the podcast episode, related with Health App in iPhone and Apple Watch.
Starting with Apple Watch series 4, there is a new feature built-in which work great for me as a blind user.
As one whom encountered some heart issues a while ago because a chest infection, I was learning to keep an eye on my heart bit and on my health of heart of course.
I have recently discovered how easy and effective is to perform an electrocardiogram on my watch.
I will demonstrate in the podcast episode today how to perform this task and, how to share the result with your doctor. Alternatively, you can store the results in one of your cloud accounts in order to show them later at hospital when needed.
The experience is easy

Follow this steps

1. Open ECG app on your Apple Watch
2. Hold your finger on the crown navigation button until Voiceover will say Done, or you’ll hear the special sound made during the test running off.
3. Double tap on done button.
4. Go to your iPhone and open the notification received when ECG test was done.
5. Open the newest result with double tap
6. Flick to the right until hear share result with your doctor button.
7. Double tap on that button and then choose a method to share the pdf from the regular iPhone share screen.
Job done.
If you listen the audio demonstration till the end, you’ll see how easy it is to do it.
Note, it is necessary to have a first set up which might be a bit lengthy but no longer than 10 minutes.
Must be collected in the health app some information about you in order to have relevant results. The information required in the health app are things like weight, height, age, sex and some basic medical info.
I would recommend going through this before using for the first time ECG app on your watch, other way you’ll be directed to same place during the first test trial.

Hope this demonstration encouraged you to give a try to this nice feature.
For any comments, questions or mentions do not hesitate to right a comment down below or to contact me using the details in the podcast recording.

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