Jaws for Windows screen reader Training Course

Jaws for Windows is the most popular commercial screen reader at this moment.
Its adoption is over 80% between blind users of PC machines.
You can obtain a copy of this demo version of screen reader from Freedom Scientific website.
The speech will work fully for 40 minutes then you need to restart your machine to have another round of 40 minutes, unless you have a license purchased already.
Some new features were introduced with each version, but the operation of the software and the majority of the components works the same.

In this course I can teach new blind users how to use the basic of Jaws screen reader. Or I can teach support workers/assistance how to open, use and customise this program after personal preferences.
Jaws it is coming with good help section built-in. Also, FS Reader which is a daisy pleyer allow you to download and read, or listen, what you wish to know about Jaws operation.
But not everyone is kin to learn from manuals or online/offline documentation.
For this reason, a course face to face, oar at distance, one to one, it is the perfect ocasion to learn what you need quickly, with the help of the personal tutor.
you need to learn how to go at the next level of computer competences.
Probably you have already started to explore Jaws and its capabilities but get stuck.
It is challenging to learn how Jaws operate in different programs or configurations, and Of course, lots of programs are still unaccessible today, unfortunately, but a very large range of software including Office suite, internet browsers, audio editing, programing and many many other kinds of specialized software are already screen reader friendly.
Weather you are a student, a emploee or a self emploied you can enjoy a new level of independent computer competence just taking this course taylored for your specific needs.

Not decided if is right for you?

Just ask and we will let you know if it is worth for you to have it, or you are good to go without any help yet.

Struggeled with some specific tasks?

Ask again! Of course we will answer you with relevant pieces of information by e-mail, saving you hours and hours of research, but if you require help one by one we have to book you in for a session.

What we do different?

  • We believe in a good relation with our students and the help provided will be not limited strictly at the one by one sessions, but we support students by e-mail and short calls after.
  • We provide audio recordings for each payd session delivered just to give the oportunity to come back again and again at the information what you have learnedabout. And this, of course, without any extracosts.
  • Our aim is to teach you all you need to succeed into the task what you need to gane, not to deliver an amount of compacted information per hour.

Jaws related materials

Find out below a number of podcast episodes or articles about performing with Jaws tasks like:

tuition costs

  • 85GBP for two hours refresh session at distance
  • 160GBP for 4 hours training at distance
  • 320 for a full day training at distance.
  • Full day and Half day training can be offered to phizical locations but require travel costs on top

What is the best option for me?

  • Two hours length is suitable to learn more about a topic or how to use a screen reader in conjunction with a software having step by step instruction.
  • Four hours training course {half day of training} is enough to learn something from scratch to a basic level or to jump from a basic level to next one. This kind of course could be delivered person to person at the student’s location. Travel costs will be supported by students usually coach or train tickets.
    Contact us to learn more about travel costs for your location.
  • A full day training is 8 hours length and could be spread over two calendar working days. We know is challenging to receive and process such amount of information in one go.
    Again, this course could be delivered at the student’s location but at distance too.
    Travel costs will be supported by student and a night of B&B in case of delivering the course in two calendar days.
  • Course at distance are delivered through Zoom Meeting Platform , MS Teams, phone or Skype.

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