Natwest Talking Card Reader audio demonstration

I have requested a Natwest talking card reader some time ago and received it finally.
the little talking card reader it is what I will introduce you today during this episode.

I have had some interesting experiences over this time, first one being the way of obtaining this device.
If you never had such a device from Natwest you have to order one, and this must be done online only, and the form of ordering card readers does not display any option for large print readers or talking one.
So, you make the regular order then go back next day to Natwest website and enter in chat conversation with an agent, in order to make the change.
In first instance you are in chat with a virtual agent. If this one is not able to give you a good answer and looks confused will put you in contact with a human agent.
You have to explain why you need to change the order for your recent ordered card reader then the agent will make the change in Natwest systems. I have heard other blind people complaining about receiving the regular card readers even, as in my case, I have mentioned I do not need any regular.
I was into the local Natwest brunch and returned the regular reader and asking for the talking one.
As you probably imagine was no one able to give me right information, but after a waiting I was in contact with the same ridiculous system to order the talking reader and the officer from desk help me to re-order again. I was not notified in any way when the reader was posted or expected to be received.
When the reader came I was not sure if is the good one or is a newer model yet.
When I have found a mono headset into the little box I was sure it is whaat I have ordered ages before.
As other complained the reader is coming only with regular print, not audio, not braille or large print.
Lucky me, I was able to figure out how it works inspired being about similar units from Barclays and no documentation was need it any more.
Two big missing points for Natwest from start yet:

  1. no phone number where a blind person could order a talking card reader
  2. No alternative format for card reader instruction.

Not every blind person have OCR facilities in place at home in order to read the regular manual . Limited number of blind people are familiar or able to have a chat conversation on web chatroom.

The card reader is very simple and just good for what is done to do, having only one major misssing: no volume adjustments available. I am good with my ear but the Barclays model have also a speaker build-in and loud enough .
I thing for blind and death people will be difficult to work with, unless connecting the device to the prefered earing aids.
The rest of card reader description is in audio, so , please listen it. You will have the ocasion to hear the talking reader voice as well.
You have also the chance to hear how to navigate around the Natwest Banking webssite including login process. enabling card reader and making a bank transfer.

What I found also confusing was to hear Jaws 18 announcing all sorts of errors which are not actually there.
Good part was to be able to go forward with my task down to the end , weather some difficulties here and there along the process.

Conclusion: Natwest website is manageable with Jaws and a talking card reader but the experience must be polished to be even better.

I have made also an episode with Natwest app for iPhone which could be interesting for you.

Listen an audio demonstration of Natwest talking card reader and Natwest Banking website. Using Jaws 18 screen reader I demonstrate how to enable a card reader and how to make a bank transfer as a blind user.

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