Setting up an Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen as a blind user

It is not a secret for anyone how popular and useful is an Amazon Echo device today.
Just talking with this intelligent device you can find out more about lots of things, you can do shopping, organise your calendar and much much more.
I will show today in the podcast episode how to set up an Echo Dot 3rd gen as a blind user without any sighted help.
I have used for this my iPhone X where the Alexa app was installed before, and the process was simple.
When the device was added to my devices list I have had to organise it in terms of where it is placed. In my case, the new device is seating in my bedroom.
Also, I have renamed this new device and I have activated the sound for start and end requests.
This little beep help blind people to know if Alexa heard your request and also when the answer is following.
Enjoy the audio demonstration and do not hesitate to contact us for any help if you encounter problems during set up as a blind user.
Do you have a particular task what Alexa helps you with? Which one? Do you recommend any skill?
Please leave your comments below.

How to set up a self hosted WordPress blog as a screen reader user

I have seen lots of visually impaired people hunting across the internet for any information about WordPress and its accessibility for screen reader users. Also, the numerous practical questions involved about its performance in carrying out an assortment of tasks under a WordPress blog without a satisfactory answer.
Because of this, I have decided to start up a new serie of podcast named WordPress for Blind.
I will take on the task to make a blog from scratch.
To be more precise, I will buy a domain name, put on hosting, install WordPress, customise it, and then carry out the heavy work, publishing content.
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