Setting up a Google Home mini as a blind user

I have using Google Home mini for a while now, and all about it is great.
It is not the case to enumerate what this little device is capable of, because probably everyone knows already.
The idea is, my daughter has found this device helpful for her, so she moved it into her room.
I was lucky enough to have a spare one, so I was landing in setting up a third Google Home mini because another one is in my son’s room.
I have recorded the process of setting up from start to end into a podcast episode what is available with this article.
Also, I have demonstrated few options available in this smart device.
The process is quite straight forward.
Along the smart speaker you need a wireless connection, which I think it is obvious, a Google account and another device like a phone or tablet. In order to install the app which will configure the smart speaker for you you really need a device like this.
In my case, I have the app already installed into my iPhone X, so just ready to go.
Once you have opened the Google Home app, it is available a button called set a new device. This will appear when a Google device it is in range but is not yet configured.
Double tap on this button and the wizard starts. Window after window you’ll be asked to provide information’s like your wi-fi network name and password, and what room will be used for this device
I was in the situation to choose between two Google devices which were not configured yet, but available in range.
If you have selected the right one, you’ll hear a signal generated by your device. You must confirm into the app you have heard the sound tapping yes button and then next.
Some options and offers will be introduced during the wizard, but keep going with next, next until finish, of course, not before changing each option which is relevant for you, hopefully a finish button will appear.
From that moment your Google Home mini is fully configured and ready to use.

Because Google Home mini does not have a jack connector, I have had to post a second microphone standing just few centimetres above it.
Also, in the middle of the demonstration I have realised the Voiceover volume from my iPhone was not so high, but once altered it was a bit too much, thing which caused my voice to be a little too low.
But all together the demonstration is good enough to be followed.

More details about how to work with it you can listen in the podcast episode, for sure.
For any other questions or details about how to configure Google Home as a blind user do not hesitate to contact me or to ask in the comments form.