Supersense and SuperLidar makes blind’s life easyer

I had the ocasion to test for a while a new app called SuperLidar which is using one of the newest technologys built-in iPhones from Pro level.

SuperLidar is able to detect obstacles due the Lidar sensor which is available in iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max but in 13 Pro and pro Max too.

The feedback is given via haptic vibration but through a variable sound pitch as well.

The app also have a unique feature which helps in this pandemic times: mask detection.

In this podcast episode I have Shane Law as invitee from Supersence who will talk mainly about SuperLidar but also a little about Supersence which is available for all iOS devices but for Android too.

Here’s what’s inside of the Supersense Premium Package:

  • The Document Reader, which enables you to read any type of document.
  • The Smart Scanner Mode that detects what you’re scanning instantly.
  • The Multi-page Scanner Mode, which allows you to scan longer documents.
  • The Barcode Reader along with the QR Code Reader.
  • The Currency Reader.
  • The Scene describer, which describes the scenery around you and allows you to capture high-quality images of it.
  • The Explore mode that allows you to explore your environment and,
  • The Find Mode, which can detect more than 600 individual objects!

And we have updated Supersense’s Quick Read feature, which is now super accurate and reads in Non-Latin languages such as Chinese, Devanagari, Japanese, and Korean even when there’s no internet connection. 

To unlock all these features, upgrade now and get 40% off of annual and 50% off of lifetime subscriptions.* 

*Prices may vary by region. 

Supersense for iOS: for Android:

The SuperLidar is free of charge but SuperSense have some features unlocked when a subscription is purchased.

A 7 days trial period is available for new instalations when the app can be used in full.

You can listen in this episode the most important things what you need to know about this product bundle such helpfull for blind: SuperSense and SuperLidar.#Enjoy your listening and good luck with the product trials.

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