Supersense and SuperLidar makes blind’s life easyer

I had the ocasion to test for a while a new app called SuperLidar which is using one of the newest technologys built-in iPhones from Pro level.

SuperLidar is able to detect obstacles due the Lidar sensor which is available in iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max but in 13 Pro and pro Max too.

The feedback is given via haptic vibration but through a variable sound pitch as well.

The app also have a unique feature which helps in this pandemic times: mask detection.

In this podcast episode I have Shane Law as invitee from Supersence who will talk mainly about SuperLidar but also a little about Supersence which is available for all iOS devices but for Android too.

Here’s what’s inside of the Supersense Premium Package:

  • The Document Reader, which enables you to read any type of document.
  • The Smart Scanner Mode that detects what you’re scanning instantly.
  • The Multi-page Scanner Mode, which allows you to scan longer documents.
  • The Barcode Reader along with the QR Code Reader.
  • The Currency Reader.
  • The Scene describer, which describes the scenery around you and allows you to capture high-quality images of it.
  • The Explore mode that allows you to explore your environment and,
  • The Find Mode, which can detect more than 600 individual objects!

And we have updated Supersense’s Quick Read feature, which is now super accurate and reads in Non-Latin languages such as Chinese, Devanagari, Japanese, and Korean even when there’s no internet connection. 

To unlock all these features, upgrade now and get 40% off of annual and 50% off of lifetime subscriptions.* 

*Prices may vary by region. 

Supersense for iOS: for Android:

The SuperLidar is free of charge but SuperSense have some features unlocked when a subscription is purchased.

A 7 days trial period is available for new instalations when the app can be used in full.

You can listen in this episode the most important things what you need to know about this product bundle such helpfull for blind: SuperSense and SuperLidar.#Enjoy your listening and good luck with the product trials.

Uploading a new episode in Libsyn as a screen reader user

Libsyn is one of the podcast hosts which I use for a while.
It wasn’t screen reader friendly for a period but now is working reasonable I will say.
Actually, the only thing which I need to do in Libsyn web interface is to upload an MP3 file which is tagged and ready to be published.
I have to use an option called “file for download only” and after pressing publish or save Libsyn will generate a URL which is the direct full address of the mp3 file.
This URL is placed in a read only edit field and the last thing to do before leaving Libsyn will be to select and copy it in clipboard.
Using the PowerPress plugin in WordPress I can handle the rest of podcast episode’s aspects til this is online.
If you wish to hear a little demo made with Safari in Mac and using Voiceover screen reader, then you are welcome.
I used keyboard and trackpad navigation combined to achieve this.
As probably you know already, there is a podcasting course available for blind people interested to become podcasters.
For more details go to
the Podcast course’s dedicated page
Enjoy listening this little demo.

Louie Voice Assistant makes life easier for blind people. Listen how!

Few days ago I have had the pleasure to interview Pramit Bhargava, the creator of Louie voice Assistant.
You can listen this interview in order to learn more about him but also to find out some answers about this app and its future.
But I will leave Pramit to talk about his background and how Louie came to life

A picture of Pramit Bhargava, creator of Louie voice Assistant
I’m Pramit, Founder of Louie Voice Control which allows the users to do each & everything within supported Apps with just voice commands.

I would like to share with you why I started developing apps for the visually impaired. The side-effect of medicine that I took in 1999 impacted my Retina and my vision has been dramatically declining ever since. By 2012, I was not able to read anything. At that point, I felt completely miserable and did not know what to do next.

This low-point was completely unexpected especially for someone who had graduated from India’s prestigious engineering and management institutions (IIT and IIM) and worked for global companies such as Unilever, Motorola, and Quest Diagnostics. I wasn’t able to come to terms with this situation.

However, as I look back now, I believe that this phase guided me towards a higher purpose in life rather than chasing traditional career goals and materialistic successes. I also got involved in spirituality, meditation during this challenging phase, and started understanding the true purpose of my life.

One might say that my next phase was driven by a series of coincidences. But, I consider it as divine help that led me to a senior executive of a Top Venture Capital Company who encouraged me to work on Apps to solve the problems that I and other visually impaired individuals face across the world.

With that one meeting, Louie was born.

The aha moment for Louie Voice Control came when a sighted friend was booking a Uber ride for me. He kept asking me questions and then, he made the appropriate selections. In a matter of minutes, the booking was done! I wondered how empowering it would be especially for the visually impaired if the phone were to read out the menu options and then, accept my verbal responses as inputs and make the booking.

Louie is all about being able to operate popular Apps and do everything within those Apps using voice commands. As of today, Louie supports YouTube, WhatsApp, Uber, Contacts & Phone Calling. More Apps are under development.

Louie is an accessibility App and can be used by all voice-lovers including but not limited to visually impaired, blind, motor-disabled, elderly, people with limited manual dexterity and all hands-free lovers. Louie needs accessibility permissions to operate.

None of the leading Voice Assistants or Personal Assistants (Alexa, Google, Siri) can do what Louie can:
· Voice Assistants tend to be superficial & will allow you to do only 2-3 things within an App. Louie in comparison will fully voice control an App – each and every feature within the App.
· Leading Voice Assistants or Personal Assistants have a nasty habit of going silent every now and then. Louie in comparison will do a two-way continuous interaction – just like a human interaction

Watch Louie in action:

The app is in beta stage and free to install. My aim is to spread the word around so that more and more people use the app and benefit from it.

The app is available for Android devices only but iOS version is coming soon.
The Google Play link for Louie voice Assistant is here.